Now you can Trade and Talk
through this new marketplace.


CivilShare is the marketplace for civil contractors.

A place where you can buy, sell, share, swap and hire resources. A place where you can exchange ideas and information on industry developments. CivilShare is an industry first, so we’re quickly building a powerful community of interest.

So come on, join us.


SHAKE on it

This is our promise to you.

A marketplace where people can talk and trade in a spirit of trust and mutual benefit.
A simple, accessible and easy-to-use platform; where trading and talking is transparent and straightforward.
A contribution to the greater good of the industry by providing the means to maximise resource use and minimise waste.
A way to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve productivity for people, business and the industry.

CivilShare is free for all users for the foreseeable future.
Start trading and talking now.

Official Partners

Auckland Council
Civil Contractors New Zealand
Sustainable Business Network