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Utilise surplus materials and maximise their economic value

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Make greater use of equipment capacity and increase productivity

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Exchange ideas and information to help create a more knowledgeable work force

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Sell or rent resources to increase revenue

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Purchase or rent resources to lower costs and increase productivity


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What CivilShare users are saying  

As the Regional Manager of Civil Contractors NZ, the CivilShare App, was something I was immediately attracted to. It ticked the boxes for a number of reasons.

The civil and vertical contracting industry is a producer of vast quantities of waste material. Waste to some, is gold to others. but finding that match was not readily available. CivilShare is the key to this relationship...

CivilShare also gives contractors and suppliers an opportunity to trade/share/hire instantaneously with a few simple keystrokes. It has also given myself and others in the industry an opportunity to convey messages which are relevant to our safety and other issues such as compliance and procurement. I thoroughly recommend this app and applaud the developers for listening to our industry’s needs and designing an app to suit.

— James C.

App looks fantastic, the potential for waste reduction, planning efficiencies, resource management, more economical logistics, etc. from sharing information is limitless. Great to see you have developed something that can unlock this potential.

— Paul G.

At Junk Run we think CivilShare is a fantastic, easy to use platform enabling the construction industry to embrace the circular economy. Finally a modern solution where builders can offer unwanted and surplus materials for reuse elsewhere, saving stuff from ending up in  skips and being dumped into landfill.  

— Ruth B.

The recent introduction of the group sharing functionality on the Civilshare app has allowed us to better share our excess resources between internal teams. Thanks Civilshare.

— Annette D.


CivilShare is built to reduce construction waste 


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Westlake Boys students build a sports office from construction site waste traded on CivilShare.


Westlake Boys students build a sports office from construction site waste traded on CivilShare.


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